Topics – spirit teaching


Spirit teaching provides insight into various fields of life both of this world and the beyond. It offers a wide range of lectures on a multitude of topics or special subjects.


Focal points of the spirit teaching may be summed as follows:

God, Christ and the holy spiritual world
  • The personality of God and his boundless creative power
  • Christ, the Son of God, and his teaching
  • The spiritual world of God
  • Eternity, perfection, virtues
The world beyond
  • Levels of ascent, organisation
  • Spiritual life and its diversity
  • Justice and spiritual laws
The plan of salvation and redemption
  • The fall of part of the spirit world due to disobedience
  • The life and mission of Jesus Christ
  • Reincarnation and ascent through several lives on earth
Faith and mediumship
  • Prayer, intercession, meditation, blessing
  • Spiritual experiences, dreams
  • Spiritualism, mediumship
 Bible studies
  • Early Christianity and today’s Christianity
  • Interpretation of Bible passages, parables
  • The Lord’s sayings
  • Theological questions, clergy
Knowledge of the creation
  • Science, teaching on odic force
  • Spirit, matter, space, time
  • Formation of the universe, the earth
  • Task and function of the stars and planets
  • Diversity and life in nature
  • Maintaining the health of spirit, soul and body
  • Diseases of body and spirit
  • Nutrition
  • Addictions: drugs, alcohol, smoking
Social issues, state
  • Partnership, family
  • Life issues, life help
  • Materialism, ownership
  • Dying, grief management
  • State, justice
Gloominess, darkness, disharmony
  • The existence and power of evil
  • Violation of human rights and dignity
  • Vices, maliciousness
  • Lucifer, hell

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