To enter into a perceptible contact with the world beyond requires a human being with a particular, and rare, mediumistic faculty. What is meant by “mediumship”? And wherein lies the particular faculty of a medium?


All people have a certain mediumistic disposition. Most likely everyone has experienced at some time or another foreknowledge of a particular event or that he suddenly intuited knowledge about something without his having been made aware of it in the usual way. However, very few people have such a pronounced mediumistic gift which allows them to act as mediator between this world and the world beyond. In order to allow spirit communication, a medium must be able to make available to the manifesting spirit being a sufficient quantity of his own life force (odic force) – this is an exceptional gift!

The actual value and content of a relationship with the world beyond depends not only on the ethos and the devotion to God of the manifesting spirit but of the intermediary himself. To be a useful instrument to the divine world a medium must have a strong character; he, or she, must have right thinking and a sensible discernment as well as display virtues such as modesty, self-sacrifice and faithfulness towards the spiritual world of God.

Deep trance

Deep trance is the most important form of mediumship for the transmission of the truth and occurs when the medium’s own spirit has completely withdrawn from his physical body. In its stead another spirit being enters the body of the speaking medium and formulates its messages by means of the medium’s voice organ. During this time, the spirit of the deep trance medium remains connected with his own body by means of the “silver cord”, the thread of life. At the end of the manifestation the medium’s own spirit returns to his body and once awake he does not know anything about what the manifesting spirit being has said through him.

A biblical example of such a manifestation from the world beyond can be found in Acts 2, 1–11: at Whitsun the Apostles were overwhelmed as each was filled by a holy spirit praising God and his deeds, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ and speaking in foreign languages.

Last century brought forth the Swiss deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner who made her talent available to the services of the divine world. Born in 1910 she served for 35 years as a deep trance medium within the Christian spiritual community which today is known as GL Zürich.

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