Insights into the World Beyond


What is the purpose of life on earth? – Is there an afterlife? – How are we to imagine life in the spiritual world? – What is in store for us over there?


These questions about our existence reach into the spiritual reality of the beyond, a reality which is inaccessible by our physical senses and by present day methods of natural-scientific research. Therefore it is not easy for us to acquire informed and detailed knowledge by ourselves.

However, there are ways to gain insight into the spiritual world. Well-known examples are near-death experiences (NDE) taking place on the threshold of the beyond or impressive dreams perhaps involving a dearly loved deceased person.

Yet another means of gaining insight into the “where from” and “where to” of mankind is the contact with the beyond through a human intermediary, a medium. This significant method of receiving spiritual knowledge has been known for ages – we need only to remember the prophets of ancient Israel or the early Christians who prayed emphatically for the support and instruction from the spiritual world of God.

People today are no longer familiar with the idea of a connection between this world and the beyond. A relationship between the spirits of God and mankind, to many people, would appear inconceivable or impossible or even forbidden. This is due to a lack of deeper reflection and knowledge of the subject.

Testimonies from the Bible

Many varied testimonies can be found in the Bible showing that God spoke to people; that he spoke with Adam and Eve, with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as Moses. This communication with the spiritual world of God is of central importance in the whole of the Old Testament. At the time there existed almost a daily dialogue with the spiritual world through a medium or person with a spiritual disposition. It is a fact that leaders did not act without first consulting the spiritual world.

The New Testament demonstrates that Jesus Christ, the Apostles and the early Christians aspired to communicate with the divine world. As he was highly sensitive Christ enjoyed an extremely close relationship with God and his divine spiritual world. Again and again he emphasized that he taught and acted solely on the instructions of his Father. Prior to his death Christ promised his followers that he would not abandon them but send them the spirit of truth who would guide and teach them all they needed to know (e.g. John 14, 26; 16, 12–13). And he kept his word: at Whitsun, just a few days after Christ’s Ascension, the Apostles and their closest friends experienced in a most impressive manner how divine spirits spoke audibly to human ears. Acts 2, 1–13 gives an account of the teachings they received. Since that time Whitsun commemorates the outpouring of the holy spirit or, more precisely, of the holy spirits. The letters of the Apostles document the important role of divine spirits working through people with spiritual gifts in early Christian communities. Paul strongly recommended various communities to aspire to contact with divine spirits and to obtain their support.

It is possible for mankind to have a relationship with the spiritual world

Unambiguous proof can be found both in the Old as well as the New Testament: it is possible for people on earth to have contact with the spiritual world. Those searching for knowledge should begin by understanding the process of such a relationship. Those to whom spirits of God spoke at that time were people with all the faults and weaknesses that we have today. And the natural laws regulating their lives on earth were just the same as they are today. God and his spiritual world too are just the same today as they were in those days. So if this close relationship with the spiritual world of God was possible and, indeed, was maintained by people over thousands of years ago, why should it no longer be possible for mankind to have such a relationship today?

Generally speaking, if little is known today about the possibility of a relationship between this world and the world beyond it is because of today’s spirit of the age: the material splendour and the hectic pace of every day life hold the danger of distracting people from the essentials. However, if one cultivates an interest in the higher world, the search for truth through the application of reason and common sense will activate one’s inner awareness. The flowering of those spiritual gifts which are prerequisite to a connection with the world of God will then be possible.

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