GL Zürich is the oldest and most significant Christian-spiritualist community in German-speaking countries.


The history of the community goes back to the 1940s and is closely connected with the married couple Beatrice and Arthur Brunner’s life path. In 1944, four years before the official establishment of GL Zürich, Arthur Brunner published a book with the title “Die Toten leben” (The Dead live). Through this publication, a small group of friends with similar spiritual interests came together in Zurich and started to meet regularly in order to expand their spiritual insight. By Christmas 1945, the mediumistic gift of Beatrice Brunner had a breakthrough, revealing itself as deep trance mediumship.

On October 23, 1948, spirit-teacher Joseph, who was to be the loyal teacher of the community over the coming decades, held his first deep trance address in front of a larger audience. This day is considered to be the official foundation date of the community and of the journal “Geistige Welt” (The Spiritual World), in which the mediumistic messages have been published ever since.

In the early days of the community, the divine services were held in the hall of  the Oleander restaurant in Zurich, made available by a founding member. However, this room quickly appeared to be too small and, already in early 1950, spirit-teacher Joseph delivered his Saturday trance addresses in the large hall of the Musikkonservatorium Zürich.

In 1953, the community acquired its first property at Münchhaldenstrasse in Zurich. A hall providing space for 120 people was set up where friends met for weekly healing hours and intercessory prayers. In addition to spirit-teacher Joseph’s lectures, meditational trance addresses were held by spirit-teacher Lene on the first Wednesday of every month. Between 1957 and 1970, reports given by ascending spiritual beings (departed human beings) spoke of the earthly lives of such individuals and their initial experiences in the world beyond.

From 1959, the community organized an annual meditation-week in autumn with spirit-teacher Lene. Between 1966 and 1982, this week of inner contemplation and deep interaction with the spiritual teachings took place with over 320 participants at Flims Waldhaus.

From 1954 until the early 1960s, several trips with medium Beatrice Brunner were undertaken in Germany. In this way, the foundations for ‘circles of friends’ were laid in Germany. Until the 1970s, spirit-teacher Joseph was also holding trance addresses in various Swiss cities to gain listeners for the spiritual teachings. By the early 1980s, the community had grown to such an extent that, from 1982, the celebrations of the Communion at Whitsun and Christmas had to be conducted in the big hall of the Tonhalle Zürich.

On September 20, 1983, the loyal medium of the community returned home to the spiritual world. During her 35 years of activity, Beatrice Brunner left behind an extraordinary spiritual treasure. Thanks to her faithful dedication, the divine world had the opportunity to offer an extensive education in Christian spiritual teaching with around 2,400 trance addresses.

In 2001, the community built its own centre at Letzigraben 117 in Zurich for the dissemination of the spirit-teachings transmitted through Beatrice Brunner.

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