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Edition 1/2017

What Is Created on a Small Scale Will Grow and Expand
Upward-striving human beings would like to draw nearer to God. But how can they achieve this? Symbolically speaking, the human soul can be regarded as a church of God, because nobility, refinement, truth, firm belief and the bond with God come from the bottom of the soul. In this way, human beings can cultivate their souls and visit divine fountains accompanied and supported by the spiritual world of God.

“I Go Forth in Order to Prepare a Home for You”
Human beings are creatures of God. It is God’s wish and will that they live on this earth and fulfil their tasks. However, this is difficult for them to do if they don’t understand God’s word and don’t have a true connection with him and the spiritual world. Therefore, it’s the aim of the spiritual world of God to prepare human beings for their future life and teach them about the beyond.

Edition 2/2017

Christ Fulfilled the Task Given Him by the Father
By the fulfilment of his task, Christ opened the way to God for mankind. He could say “It is done” when he had fulfilled it. Then, after he had fought the battle against Lucifer, the Last Judgement became effective which restricted Lucifer’s rights. However, little or nothing is said about this in Christian churches. Nevertheless, these spiritual events connected with Christ’s act of redemption are part of the basic knowledge of Christian teaching.

The Heavenly Language of Angels
Spirits of God engaged with the ascent of human beings are masters of various virtues. There are angels of love, angels of mercy, angels of hope and angels of justice. They get together quite often in order to advise one another on their tasks in the plan of salvation.
Heaven speaks the language of love and hope. Human beings need hope for their daily life. Some hope for luck, others for peace and the sick hope for recovery. Hope is a source that strengthens, that helps to recover and solve problems.

Edition 3/2017

Whitsun: A Festival of Fulfilment
Christ’s promise to send a spirit of truth to human beings was fulfilled shortly after his ascension when the spirit of truth descended upon the apostles. This first Whitsun continues to be commemorated to this day. Human beings should cultivate this relationship with the divine world and live in the desire and longing for God and Christ. Then they will strive for high virtues, and these spiritual values will flower and become part of their soul through the help of angels of God.

Human Life Consists of Weaving One’s Own Spiritual Garment
Both deeds and thoughts create the spiritual garment of human beings, and, after their death, they wear it upon their arrival in the world beyond. This is demonstrated in two different examples. A man of false and evil thinking had to adjust his ways in the spiritual world. He achieved this through a devoted engagement over a long period. Then we learn about a very aged woman returning to the spiritual world after a life full of love, patience, sacrifice and humility. Despite great poverty and humiliation, she maintained her faith in God and thus wove for herself a compatible spiritual garment.

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