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Edition 1/2014

Faith as a Test of Life
As spirit teacher Joseph explains: the Christian faith has to come alive again in human beings. Specifically meant are belief in God, in Christ and particularly belief in the holy spiritual world and in reincarnation. The importance of these things fails to be seen in many instances. The interest of human beings in life after death and in personal spiritual existence has to be awakened.

Chained to Earthly Wealth     
There is a difference between earthly and spiritual wealth – something which is illustrated in an impressive way in the personal account of Christoph. His mind was preoccupied with his gold coin treasure which he had collected throughout his life on earth. It was ever so important to him and this became his obstacle in the beyond. When he arrived in the spiritual world his way of thinking was caught up at first in his human idea of spiritual wealth. Only with the help of solicitous angels who took care of him was he gradually able to change his way of thinking and to set off in order to gain everlasting values.

Edition 2/2014

Easter Festivities in the Levels of Ascent
Christian holy days – such as Christmas, Easter or Whitsun – are also of great importance in the spiritual world, and ascending spirits are given the opportunity to witness events in the life of Jesus Christ as if they were watching a film. For everyone who is allowed to view such events it is an indelible experience which inspires them to contribute their share toward the fulfilment of the plan of salvation. Particularly those who are allowed to meet with and listen to Christ personally develop this zeal for the plan of salvation.

Artistic Talents Unfold in the Course of the Ascent
After having led a just and virtuous life returnees find the heavenly world to be a joyful and blissful paradise. Thus a deserving mother had many gratifying experiences in an elevated level of ascent. She received singing lessons from two angels as well as being coached to perform in front of a great multitude of spiritual beings on the occasion of a celebration. However, this female being didn’t just see her task in unfolding her art of singing but also to go in search of her twin soul and to help him in his ascent; for the Creator wishes that his creatures should return to him, that they set off on their way to him in order to be integrated once more in the Kingdom of Christ.

Edition 3/2014

Whitsun – the Meaning of the Word “Spirit”
The term “spirit” means different things to different people. In Christianity, too, there are different opinions on what is meant by the term “holy spirit”. Human spiritualists, however, who have received instruction from the divine spiritual world, have a more precise perception based on their respective insights. Such knowledge can help them to immerse themselves in and strengthen their belief and to develop a more vibrant relationship with their true homeland, with Christ and God.

“In the Beginning the Word Was Already in God”
In this lecture spirit teacher Joseph explains to us the central importance of Christ in the entire creation. The spiritual world including all the legions of angels was created through Christ. However, there are many beings in the levels of ascent in the beyond who do not yet acknowledge Christ as the only-begotten Son of God and as King of the entire spiritual world. Provided they believed in God when living on earth, such returnees will receive instruction concerning the plan of salvation from angels of God. Nevertheless, each individual has his free will to either accept or reject these teachings. In accordance with their personal decision, the future path of spiritual development of each being will be paved accordingly.