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Edition 1/2013

Sources of Healing Power
Christ, the King of the spiritual world reminded his spirits of creation to ensure particularly that sources of healing are placed throughout the entire creation. He requested his spirits of creation: “Everyone of you, in every field of your duties, always make sure that you place into matter something with a healing effect.” Thus healing forces are to be found in water, in herbs, in the earth and atmosphere. Some people on earth, too, have the gift to transmit healing forces to their fellow human beings.

Reverence for All Life
It is a demanding challenge for human beings to show goodness and benevolence and to approach their neighbour in this way. Therefore many spiritual beings are filled with awe when faced with a future life on earth and ask for a delay and for special support and strength. Others again enter this path with joy and confidence since they recognize the many even greater possibilities that are offered to them in this way for their ascent.

Edition 2/2013

Sense and Purpose of Life
The divine world is able to intervene in human life if it is considered necessary to promote the individual’s spiritual development. In the case of an adult for example, this may prevent him from burdening himself further while on earth. And for children this is an opportunity for a careful education in a children’s paradise of the spiritual world. Thus there are various possibilities for a quicker ascent, since their further path in the spiritual world has already been planned in advance. Each and everyone is cared for and not left alone.

Children Growing Up in the Spiritual World
After a long illness, a ten-year-old girl named Monika entered the spiritual world. In the beginning, she had difficulties adjusting to the conditions in the new world and longed for her parents who had cared for her so affectionately. Eventually she found a new home in a foster family with five other children. Among the children there were two each who spoke English, French and German. Thus Monika learned these languages in the family and also attended spiritual schools where she studied the same subjects as did children on earth. For all children who die at an early age, the divine world wishes to promote their spiritual ascent.

Edition 3/2013

Heaven Is Within the Human Being
The externals of life are often of great importance to a human being. They also influence his inner life. If a person is dissatisfied with the circumstances of his life, this will have an influence on his soul. However, if the insights of the inner person have progressed to the extent that he has become aware of his human tasks, the divine world can guide him without difficulty. His faith also gives him the strength to accept his fate.

Balthasar and His Dog
Balthasar’s incarnation goes back some 400 years. He was an eccentric and felt closely attached to nature. He loved animals and was particularly fond of his horses, which he bought and sold, and of his dog. Human beings, however, didn’t mean much to him. After Balthasar died, he lived together with his dog in a forest on earth. Through his experience there he gained a deeper and quite different insight into the varied spiritual life and goings on in the woods on earth.

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