The Spiritual World – E-Journal


Geistige Welt is the oldest journal in the German-speaking world treating otherworldly knowledge, and has been published continuously since 1948.


The Spiritual World is the English language edition of the Swiss journal. It is regularly published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October, December) as an e-journal. They both contain spiritual lectures which have been transmitted over a period of 35 years through the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner (1910–1983).

Topics of the current issue 4/2017:

A Spiritual Field Trip to Earth

Life in the spiritual levels of ascent is strange to us human beings, and the same is true for beings in the spiritual world concerning life here on earth. In this lecture we are told of a teaching trip spirit teacher Lene made to the earthly realm with a group of spiritual children to show them something about our life. The explanations she gives to the children, and also to us human beings, include what is of significance for the animation of the realms of minerals and plants.

Heinrich – the Return of a Good but Unbelieving Person

Heinrich was a good person albeit lacking faith. After his death he was received in an impressive and rather singular way following which he was taught about the basic laws of the spiritual world. Under the guidance of a divine spirit, he was shown how beings are prepared for human incarnation.