Beatrice Brunner acted as deep trance medium for the association for 35 years – from 1948 until her passing away in 1983. She was born on 27th February 1910 in the canton of Schwyz. As an adolescent she completed an apprenticeship as a dressmaker. During and after the difficult years of the Second World War, and as a mother of two children, she managed independently her own sewing atelier in Zurich with two employees. By the end of 1945 her life took a turn when she and her husband Arthur Brunner were told by a third person that she had the gift of mediumship.

Thanks to their pronounced dedication and modesty Beatrice and Arthur Brunner were successful in gathering a small circle of people interested in building up the association. During the subsequent decades this organisation underwent a remarkable development. In this way it was possible for the spiritual world to transmit 2400 lectures over a period of 35 years, thereby offering a concise description of Christian spiritual teaching.

Measured by their duration as well as their content, quantity and continuity the lectures are of an absolute unique character.