Foundation Lotti Latrous, Ivory Coast

In the slums of Abidjan (Ivory Coast) the Swiss national Lotti Latrous and her team operate a clinic, a hospital and an orphanage for orphans  infected by the Hiv/Aids virus. The clinic alone carries out 15’000 consultations every year.

Lotti Latrous writes: “This place is a place of peace and hope. Often the patients do not want to leave anymore since they receive everything: love, respect, food, even clean washing, clean toilets and rooms with electricity and, above all, tap water. These things which we take for granted, for them are sheer luxury they could never afford back at their homes.”

Apart from operating the clinic, the hospital and the orphanage, Lotti Latrous’ institution has also become involved more and more with helping totally impoverished families. Every year Lotti Latrous looks after 25’000 hardship cases.

The Hilfswerk GL Zürich supports the Foundation Lotti Latrous whose work has become all the more important since the outbreak of the economic crisis and the violent disputes following the recent presidential elections.