Special Fund Raisings


Apart from the regular and long-term support of selected projects Hilfswerk GL Zürich launches special fund raisings for catastrophes and supports without delay organisations that help in these emergencies.


Aid for war refugees from Syria

Since November 2012, Hilfswerk GL Zürich has collected donations for war refugees from Syria. Until autumn 2014, the earmarked donations were transferred to the Swiss Red Cross which helped refugee families in Jordan. Because of the continuing crises in the Near East, Hilfswerk GL Zürich has changed its commitment to the Syrian population to one of regular support (without special fundraising appeals). Consequently, and since November 2014, we now support a project of Médecins Sans Frontières for the primary health care and humanitarian aid of the civilian population in Syria as well as the refugees in Iraq.

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, Winter 2013/2014

On 8th November, 2013, the devastating typhoon Haiyan tore across the central Philippine group of islands Visayas destroying several towns and hundreds of villages. Millions of people became homeless and were in urgent need of aid. Hilfswerk GL Zürich has appealed for special donations for the typhoon’s victims on the occasion of events of GL Zürich, on the internet and the journal Geistige Welt. The sum of CHF 31’200.– was collected and transferred to the Swiss Red Cross which, together with the Philippine Red Cross, provided emergency relief on site.

Drought in Somalia: Help for Somalian refugees
in Dadaab Camp (Kenya), summer 2011

In spring and summer 2011, the Horn of Africa experienced its heaviest draught in 60 years. More than 13 million people suffered from hunger and thirst. For weeks thousands Somali fled across the boarders into neighbouring Kenya and Ethiopia. In the face of the human catastrophe the Hilfswerk GL Zürich made fund raising appeals for the hungry at the services of GL Zürich as well as via the Internet and the journal Geistige Welt (The Spiritual World). The emergency project of Médecins Sans Frontières in the Dadaab, Kenya, refugee camp was targeted and CHF 41’691.– were raised.

Earthquake- and Tsunami-Catastrophes in Japan, March 2011

The great suffering of Japan’s population was a matter of concern to GL Zürich; it wished to show compassion for the victims and help ease their distress. On the occasion of the Saturday evening service at GL Zürich on 20th March, 2011, CHF 21’625.– were raised which was transferred to the Swiss Red Cross which in turn supports its sister organisation, the Japanese Red Cross, in its relief efforts.

Flood Catastrophe in Pakistan, August 2010

In August 2010 Hilfswerk GL Zürich launched a fund raising campaign for the flood victims in Pakistan, collecting CHF 35’779.50. This sum was rounded up to CHF 40’000.– and transferred to the Swiss Red Cross which participated in the large-scale relief operation of the International Red Cross Federation.

Earthquake in Haiti, January 2010

In January 2010 the Hilfswerk GL Zürich requested donations to aid earthquake victims in Haiti. An amount of CHF 53’815.50 was raised and transferred to the Swiss organisation “Bündner Partnerschaft Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti” which supports the hospital in Haiti with staff, material, medical equipment and medicine.
Considering the enormous poverty in Haiti and the medical emergency, the Hilfswerk GL Zürich also decided to support Hôpital Albert Schweitzer on a long-term basis and placed it on its list of selected relief organisations (see Hôpital Albert Schweitzer).