Fundraising Appeal
for Syrian War Refugees

After more than three years of civil war, the humanitarian commitment for the war refugees from Syria is in danger of slackening. Nevertheless, the hardship of the population grows and becomes a heavy burden for the surrounding countries who have accepted over 2,5 million refugees.

In Lebanon, the number of people seeking protection has risen to 25 percent of the total population, and to 10 percent in Jordan. Meanwhile, many have used up their savings, and work is difficult to find. Children often cannot go to school or schools are overcrowded as are the hospitals. Rising prices add to the tensions with the local population.

The people concerned are desperately in need of donations since there is still no end in sight to the conflict or an abatement of the refugee flow. The Hilfswerk GL Zürich supports a project of Médecins Sans Frontières for medical emergency relief and humanitarian aid for the civilian population in Syria as well as the refugees in Lebanon and Iraq.

We are most grateful for your help. Please mention “Syria” when sending your donation.