Information on GL Zürich


GL Zürich is an association whose purpose is to cultivate and promote Christian spirit teaching. It is based on lectures which were transmitted from the world beyond by the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner.


GL Zürich is an association with headquarters in Zurich. It is based on charitable principles and independent of any governmental, political and/or religious affiliation. For 35 years Beatrice Brunner channeled 2400 lectures from the world beyond, 1400 of which are recorded on video or tape. Today the association GL Zürich publishes these lectures and replays them during the services in a specially constructed center.

The journal “Geistige Welt” (The Spiritual World), published since 1948, is the official publication of the association. It is published bimonthly and, in addition to lectures, contains information on forthcoming events.

Apart from the promotion and dissemination of the spiritual teaching, both written and spoken, GL Zürich places great emphasis on humanitarian aid. During the association’s events, donations are gratefully accepted for suffering people, which are integrally passed on to various charitable organisations (see Charity).

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